This page shares important information addressed to all the caregivers, parents, and children in Ukraine experiencing one of the most challenging crises of our times. We stand with Ukraine and its' people.

Saku Oshiete-Doctor Project

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Risk management and prevention measures for children in crisis

Baby Hygiene

Protective measures against cold

Preventive measures against infectious diseases

Allergy Prevention Measures

Emotional Support

Breastfeeding techniques in times of emergency 

1)村上佳津美 災害時の心のケア.小児内科.2018.
4)厚生労働省 授乳・離乳の支援ガイド
6)JOINT STATEMENT of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, UNICEF Ukraine and WHO Country Office in Ukraine Concerning Support Necessary to Ensure Proper Infant and Young Child Feeding in Ukraine


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